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On the way to Sapa's village, you will have more experience about different process to make rice terrace. You will feel more countryside live.
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Qadisha Valley- the widening Holy valley of Lebanon, a cracking travel hit!

Qadisha Valley- the widening Holy valley of Lebanon, a cracking travel hit!
Of the vital significance as per the geographical topsy-turvy situation of the world lies Lebanon in western Asia. Bordered by some crucial states and Mediterranean Sea at the west, the country is more like a glittering gold among the Arab states.
Not just that, It has found some soothing yet reliable medals to cheer over the past, brave people and deep rooted culture has long ago given Lebanon a position praiseworthy enough for the ages to come. Among its many highlights, the travel industry in the region faced a setback a few years ago as war always brings some downsides with it. Shooing away the taboos, the country’s rich attire has brought it back to the bright facet of the world. Lying proudly over the top zones, Qadsiha valley at the foot of Mount Al Makmal is listed as one privileged UNESCO world heritage site in Lebanon. It is old, it is beautiful and it is fine with the possession of some genuinely imprinted historical communities that no one could lay a finger of rejection at its current status. The great mountain, the flowing long Qadisha River that goes all the way into the territory of Tripoli, Libya, the valley is vibrantly called as the “holy valley” too. The valley has more of profound origination in terms that many saints travelled towards it, temptation to common men can’t be avoided though as it is a perfect solitude location to meditate, cleanse and sympathize with the world. The name Holy has derived as to its soul-satiating withdrawal in the caves, the quiet calm nature of the valley brought peace of mind, and dense cedars helped bring in the communion with nature. So the place with its magnified past still holds a bountiful presence as many seek out to find a place in this Lebanese land of mysticism and spirituality.

How to reach the extraordinary Qadisha Valley?

The valley is intricately placed among the wobbly mountain range of Lebanon and is at a 2 hour drive from Lebanese capital Beirut after you catch a flight to it. As you drive through the carved roads, many cliffs are found to have one or two chapels or monasteries, a few would be found still working and many have gotten deserted. As you go on, many would like to make a choice to move on foot. There are hiking tracks with many stopovers to get rest. As the valley was once the vintage point of early Christian monks, the religious impacts are still holding up. So it’s more of n enlightening trip to the valley. Snaps along the way, visit inside the chapels, enjoying the holy essence of the carved construction, it is but a breath-taking trip in an altogether new world.

Numerous Monasteries and Hiking up to them?

For the strenuous deal of work, all the hikers should be ready. The head-spinning curves and dangerous steepness make it all too challenging but fun worthy at the same time. There are many navigation points along the road, restaurants to serve you meals and guides if you really are into knowing the centuries’ old data. There are some famous monasteries, each placed at a certain level of height and in a particular direction. Man made caves get you in a trance like feeling. Among the gigantic mountains, the valley floor sits idle waiting for you to get a look. The way upwards is the most exciting part of it, as the journey remains memorable all through your traveling journals. Interestingly enough, you can take the top as your starting point as well and move downwards, either way it is an experience worth catching.
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