Travelling around João Pessoa

Travelling around João Pessoa
João Pessoa is one of the few towns to benefit from a train system. Simple though it is, it provides a smooth, safe, quick way to travel from Cabodelo to Santa Rita.
Many of the buses are new (70 new buses were bought in 2009) and fitted with elevators for people with mobility difficulties. There is also an abundance of taxis and taxi ranks are spread throughout João Pessoa. All run on meters but taxis from the airport are in a different borough so there is a fixed charge, currently R$54 (June 2009) which can still be negotiated. You will see notice boards around João Pessoa advertising fixed rates to various cities and tourist destinations (again they can be negotiated).

You see many buggies driving around João Pessoa as part of the official association for ferrying tourists around the area. Generally, they are all of good stead and protective of their reputation. They also operate a fixed rate system to all the tourist destinations. Tambau beach road (Ave. Tamandare) is a good point to find a buggie and driver.

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