Transportation in João Pessoa

Transportation in João Pessoa

International airport

Located in the municipality of Bayeux, eight kilometers from downtown João Pessoa, Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport is currently undergoing expansion and remodeling, which will raise the terminal's annual capacity to 860,000 passengers. The airport is well located in relation to obstacles because it covers an area roughly 65 meters above sea level and is sufficiently distant from urban areas or large real estate developments.

The surrounding area is sparsely populated, with large open spaces. The existing developments are industrial with some small weekend country houses. There is no rough terrain or tall buildings nearby creating obstacles for takeoffs and landings. The airport also has excellent climatic conditions for air operations. Moreover, within its approach radius there are no obstacles that can hinder or create risk for local air traffic. Named for a past president (former name for governors) of Paraíba, Castro Pinto, the airport operates round the clock. The current passenger terminal, built in an area of 8,947.72 square meters, has two levels, gardens and ample vehicle parking.

Urban transportation

In the city, public transportation is primarily based on a private bus system, taxis and railways. The city has approximately 500 buses. A single passenger ticket can be used to travel around town and to make connections. There is a major terminal (Terminal de Integração do Varadouro) where passengers can change buses. An electronic ticketing system is being implemented to offer better efficiency to passengers. Currently the bus fare is R$ 2,10, or approximately $ 1,25 USD, (as of 2009). Extended time or trips in taxis can often be negotiated directly with the driver. For example, a taxi from Campina Grande to João Pessoa, about two hours away, can be taken for about R$ 40, or $ 16 USD, depending on the exchange rate.


The railway system provides inter-city commuting for people from cities in the metropolitan area only in parts of the western and northern area of the capital.

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