The Train in João Pessoa

The Train in João Pessoa
João Pessoa railway station is at Praça Napoleao Laureano, Varadouro, telephone (83) 3241-4240, a good reference point is that it is near to the central bus stations.

The trains run between Santa Rita and Cabedelo with the main station being in João Pessoa. The carriages are clean but need a bit of TLC. In 2008 there was a successful campaign to remove all the graffiti but now its time for another. The trains are manned by transport police just like in other countries.

The main station building actually features in several films and documentaries and recently many passengers were interviewed when somebody had the wonderful idea of standing in the train station of João Pessoa and asking the people what their dreams were.

An English translation appears at the side of the screen.

The first train leaves from JP at 4.30am and every half hour there after till 8.30am and then 10.20/11.21/12.35/13.49//15.03/16.10/17.19/18.21

(There is a stop at Praia do Jacare)

Trains from Cabedelo leave at 6.15 and then every hour there after till 8.18. Then they leave at 9.49/11.03/12.17/13.31/14.45/15.59/17.01/18.03/19.01

Note that on Saturday and Sunday the trains only run till 13.31

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