Parking In Joao Pessoa

Parking In Joao Pessoa

To park in an area that is being monitored by the “Zona Azul” parking attendants, you need to be aware of the following;

    * The first ten minutes are free but you must leave your hazard lights flashing.
    * The cost, thereafter, is R$1.30 for two hours.
    * You can drive to another Zona Azul parking space within the city and use the same ticket.
    * The system is in operation between 7h30 and 17h30, Monday to Friday and from 8h to 12h on Saturdays.
    * People over 60 can park free for ONE hour only.
    * People with special needs have specially reserved spaces but can’t park for free.
    * The parking zones are clearly marked with road signs.

Did you know….

    * João Pessoa is the only city in the northeast that allows ten minutes free parking.
    * there are 114 parking attendants (paid a minimum salary with all rights)
    * There are 23 streets and 3 squares (praças) in the parking scheme.
    * There are 1,250 parking spaces.
    * The company that operates the parking scheme is called Millenium.

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