Car Hire in João Pessoa

Car Hire in João Pessoa
Many of the major car hire companies can be found at the airport but if you can get a taxi to the city (current rate aproximately R$55) you will find a huge selection on Ave Epitacio Pessoa especially towards the beach around the Tambau Flat Hotel.

We have put together a few local options. Prices can start as low as R$35 per day off season.

Litoral Rent a Car
Rua Vicente Lucas Borges sn 13
Maio – João Pessoa – PB
(83) 3043-3020

Alukauto Rent a Car

Rua Dep Odon Bezerra, 351
Centro – João Pessoa – PB – CEP: 58020-500
(83) 3043-2030

Águia Rent a Car
Avenida João Maurício, 157, Sl 15
Manaíra João Pessoa – PB
(83) 3247-1633

Stella Locadora de Veículos
Avenida Ns Navegantes 4999
Tambaú – João Pessoa – PB
(83) 3247-2876

Tambaú Rent a Car
Avenida Cb Branco 1686
A Tambaú – João Pessoa – PB
(83) 3226-2432

Tempo Rent a Car Locadora de Veículos Ltda
Avenida Alm Tamandaré, 100, S 23
Tambaú João Pessoa – PB
(83) 3247-0002

Unicar Rent a Car
Avenida Pres Epitácio Pessoa, 4903
Tambaú João Pessoa – PB
(83) 3247-1422

Unidas Rent a Car
Avenida Pres Epitácio Pessoa, 2300
Tambauzino João Pessoa – PB
(83) 3244-4135

Viamar Rent a Car Locadora de Veículos
Avenida Sidney Clemente Dore, 77, Ap 2
João Pessoa – PB – CEP: 58039-230
(83) 3247-2018

Try the above to start. All prices are without air conditioning and many have unlimited mileage thrown in. With air conditioning the price varies a lot but if you allow R$10 per day on top you shouldn’t be far out. Remember that there are seasonal variations with Christmas and New Year being the most expensive times.

Insurance is included for an extra charge and it is normal to leave a deposit, refundable on return of the vehicle. Some of the dealers will deliver the car at no extra charge, it is worth haggling too as some dealers are very flexible.

In Brazil it is the car not the driver that is insured (often very basic insurance so you should check with the hire company what is covered. If you are unsure take out a damage waver insurance if posible).

You must carry your documents with you at all times when driving, if you forget them could cost you dear and remember that the Federal Police often have check points on the major roads leaving a town or city.

If you come across one, slow down, if you have tinted windows open them, it is also a good idea to remove sunglasses so the police can see you clearly.

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