Terraço do Brasil Restaurant

Terraço do Brasil Restaurant
Located just down Ave. Cabo Branco, the restaurant building has been in the family for many years and was recently turned into a restaurant in 2008.
When you approach it , the white front canopy gives it the effect of ship sails in the wind. Monitored off street parking is limited though there is also parking on the avenue and back streets.

The front patio area is for smokers and offers good views of the sea. The house part of the restaurant is air-conditioned and very tastily decorated. All the antiques, paintings and handicraft objects are for sale. There is a huge chest of drawers combined with blanket chest for sale which has been in the owner’s family for many years. You won’t get much change from $15,000 (not Reais) I would haggle a bit. If I were you. The food was tasty but simple, if not a tad expensive. The portions were respectably small. Its nice to leave a place not feeling too bloated. A place to treat someone or be treated.

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