Tanabata Restaurant

Tanabata Restaurant
One of those restaurants you pass and say I must go there one day and then when you do you wonder why you never went there before.
It’s sophisticated without being overpowering, it doesn’t make you feel out of place in your John Travolta suit because it absorbs you. Subtle lighting and colours, tasteful artwork and expert waitering make for an enjoyable night.

A tricky little combo plays in the corner and as you watch them play your eyes drift over the Bessa skyline in to the night. That is, of course if you are up stairs, downstairs you only have eyes for your partner or you will be deeply enthralled by your company’s’ scintillating conversation. The speciality of this restaurant is Asian and International cuisine and they don’t let you down. The portions are beautifully presented leaving you eager to try more. No doubt you will as you like being pampered. Outside there is plenty of supervised parking and of course, they will ring you a taxi.

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