San Sun Restaurant

San Sun Restaurant
As far as red and black decorated Chinese restaurants go this one has nothing much different to offer. It is, however, a useful bolthole from Espaço Cultural. It stands on the corner of Rua Major S Ribeiro, 178. in Tambazinho.
The address might mean more if I say one minutes walk from the main entrance to Espaço Cultural on the road to Epitacio Pessoa. It’s clean, very pleasant with gentle mood music and there is, compared to similar restaurants a very relaxing atmosphere.

Both SUN and WU speak English and will be happy to explain the menu to you. Its menu boasts authentic Chinese cuisine which would, no doubt, confuse most Chinese. Most impressive are the “brasa” dishes which arrive at the table sizzling hot, hissing and protesting at being dragged from the kitchen. Beer is reassuringly ice cold to sooth burning tongue from brasa meal. Portions are very generous and prices reasonable.WI-FI zones throughout. Monitored street parking is available as is undercover parking at Espaço Cultural. I don’t think you will be too disappointed if you tried it out.

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