Carima restaurant

Carima restaurant
Most would know this as the old “Nordestinho” restaurant of giant TV screen fame. Now under new ownership, the restaurant stands on the northern corner of a praça with football courts and bars facing the sea.
First impressions are of a clean, simple, traditional modestly decorated place with fantastic views over the sea and down to Tambau.A few more ornaments would not have gone amiss nor would some paintings. Soft forro music played at a pleasantly audible level in the backround.

The food was pleasant enough, cheap even tasty but I was surprised that green beans (feijao verde) traditional to any Paraíban meal were not on the menu. There was a small air conditioned area too but overall I wouldnt take a visitor there. Its too close to Mangai and Casa da Bacalhau. Its a bit too homely and I was put off by the plastic chairs and tables in the back. The front area did have better wooden affairs which could withstand more portly frames.

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