Canoa dos Camaroes Restaurant

Canoa dos Camaroes Restaurant
Located on the opposite of the road to Bahamas and a little further up from the main Tambau Shopping Centre( north to Manaira).From the outside it gives the impression of entering a traditional fisherman’s home.
Indeed, there is a yellow cane in dock right outside.Parking is limited to street parking, so you may find yourself parking along the Manaira seafront and walking down to the restaurant. Fishing nets hang from the ceiling and the building itself is in the traditional style complete with summer garden. It has, indeed, a very homely feel. The waiters are attentive with out being oppressive showing that they are accustomed to tourists. Obligatory large screen TV waves at you but it didn’t interfere with the meal.

We chose the famous Rodizio of prawns of nine dishes for R$20 a head. Note the price is seasonable but always visible. The prawns come in various sizes with an assortment of side dishes. You can eat for as long as you like till you split. We ordered and the meal started to arrive very quickly making me think they had huge vats of prawns stewing away in the back of the kitchen. Not really a problem as there were plenty of people taking advantage of the offer. All the dishes were very tasty. A musician played a very wide range of music. He was certainly appreciated by the assembled throng. We took what we couldn’t eat home in a doggy bag. Very well worth it.

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