Bora Restaurant

Bora Restaurant
Located on the right hand side of the avenue, this restaurant benefits from a beautiful sea view. There is a huge sign on the road side to indicate the place and good off street parking.
It is quite deceptive this place because you are not really prepared for what meets you when you first go in. The lighting is very exotic with lots of subtle reds, yellows and oranges.

A large cocktail bar lies to the left where you can idle your time away while you wait for , well anything really. Then there is a lounge area with no less than 20+ comfy sofas, each pair with its own low coffee table. What a way to relax after a hard day building castles on the beach. Didn’t stop there, no we went on to the restaurant area which is screened off from the patio area. There is a stage too for the musicians. If you just want a meal on the beach, continue through to the covered patio with its own bar.

There are conventional tables or you can rest in the hammock chairs. In the far left hand corner, there are several massage couches with a qualified masseur to tease out those aches and pains. Hungry? Fancy crab? Then choose one from the crab enclosure. The kids will be fascinated and don’t worry there is no chance they will get bitten. Can’t say the same for the crabs. A glazed screen separates the restaurant from the beach but there are doors if you fancy a plodge.

I was fortunate to be there with a large group, which put the kitchen and menu to the test. I am pleased to say neither faulted under the pressure and quantity and quality were as we expected, complementing the décor.Would I go back, I certainly would just to try the cocktail bar and the sofas!

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