Bikini Beach Bar

Bikini Beach Bar
We speak english ,portugese and alot of texan here at Bikinis Beach Internet Cafe.Come on by and see Valesca and James and they can hook you up with places to go an see by buggy or boat tours.
Be sure and stop by Bikinis Beach Bar in Cabo Branco for some live music and fine food,open 24/7,oh yea an say Hi to Harvey ,he´ll let you know whats going on in the fine city of Joao Pessoa. You´ll get on the 66 and  come an see us .

The Scene:

This beachside tiki-hut and sushi bar usually emblazoned with its annual corporate sponsors like HSBC or Citibank is located in the La Barra-section of Punta del Este on an infamous strip of sand known as Bikini Beach. Originally a surfer-haven popular for its consistent waves, the beach became a singles-minded hangout for bikini-wearing models and their ripped-boyfriends that eventually led to a change in its actual name. The beach bar features a boldly colored modernist architecture with large outdoor patio friendly to sandy feet and well-tanned bodies. The open-air bar serves-up mixed cocktails and South American specialties while the kitchen turns-out fresh plates of cut-sushi and sashimi selections. Mostl only popular by day and late-afternoons, holiday weekends bring out local deejays spinning till the wee-hours of the morning for party-minded singles looking to meet their mate.

Last Word:

Convenient beachside sushi bar walking distance from La Barra's main strip makes for convenient dinners and late-night beach rendezvous. It's also a popular stomping ground for fashion parties and events by Buenos Aires-based modeling agencies. In Uruguay pretty much everyone is on the guest list so don't shy away from private events - they simply mean free-booze.

Bikini Beach Parada 49 - La Barra Punta del Este 20000 Uruguay
Hours: 11am “ 10pm, daily (November-March)

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