Bahamas Restaurant

Bahamas Restaurant
Without doubt, Bahamas is a landmark beach bar/restaurant which leaves people who have spent their holidays in João Pessoa with very fond memories.
Strategically placed on the sea front at the junction of Tambau and Manaira, it offers spectacular views of the ocean in very comfortable surroundings. It is far enough back off the road not to be affected by road noise. There is parking nearby but be expected to walk to the restaurant. Live music is played every night with over exuberant dancing by locals and holiday makers taken in by the atmosphere.

The restaurant has been subject to the Prefieturas reinforcing of the regulations about beach bar size. Some alterations have been made but it still retains its distinctive straw (palha) roof appearance. Buffet lunch at The Bahamas Restaurant on the beach in Tambaú. R$13,90 for three to four kinds of cooked shrimp, chicken and fish, veggies, salads — all you care to eat! Also at the Bahamas, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6p.m. to 8 p.m. – all you can eat appetizers for under R$8,00. The food was hot and replenished and attended to regularly. All in all, a good relaxing evening for you and your wallet.

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