Aida restaurant

Aida restaurant
To make it these days you have to have an edge over the competition, something different and simplicity is stamped all over this place. You take a seat on the front patio and take in the fantastic view that is Cabo Branco beach.
Few people or cars around you could be on a deserted beach.

Then the wonderful sound of opera wafts over the air, what a combination, João Pessoa and opera. The food is artistically prepared by Italian Chef Roberto Mazzali. You can watch the speciality pizzas being made and cooked in a big stone oven just inside the restaurant.

So, well worth a visit if you feel you want to get away from it all without doing so. Time it right and you can watch the rise of João Pessoas famous orange moon to the sound of Aida.

Quick Facts

Add: Ave Cabo Branco 4270
Tel: 3247 3482
(point of reference; towards the bottom end of CB)

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