What to know about Joao Pessoa

What to know about Joao Pessoa

  1. The Brazilian Transport Minister has announced an investment of R$1.7 billion will be made into the Brazilian North East states of Paraiba, Pernumbuco, and Rio Grande do Norte, for road infrastructure improvements between the cities.  Funds are also being raised for tourism in Paraiba.


  1. PBTUR (Paraiba Tourist Board) have stated that the amount of tourists visiting Paraiba has increased by 80% in comparison to the previous year.


  1. João Pessoa’s Castro Pinto Airport (Capital of Paraiba) is due to go international in 2006, and is receiving investment of $R38million for the upgrade project.


  1. The international airport of Recifé is only 120 km’s away (1.5 hours drive), is within easy driving distance of João Pessoa, and also connects to the city with existing internal flights or coaches.


  1. One of the top Brazilian Soap Opera’s ‘Celebridade’ has chosen to use João Pessoa as one of it’s site locations for filming.


  1. João Pessoa is considered to be the 3rd oldest city in Brazil.


  1. João Pessoa is recognised as being the second most ‘Greenist’ city in the world, only losing out to Paris, and therefore is the greenest city in South America according to a UN study. The Atlantic forest, the second most important forest in Brazil, covers approximately 600 hectares within the city of João Pessoa.


  1. João Pessoa is the most easterly point of the America’s, therefore it’s the place where the sun rises first within the South American continent, and consequently means that the time difference between the UK and João Pessoa is only 3 hours.


Europeans, Americans, Brazilians state that João Pessoa is the most tranquil capital city within the North East of Brazil they have visited, if not Brazil.  Don't take their word for it... take a well deserved break and visit yourself.

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