List of Universities, Colleges and Cultural centers in João Pessoa

List of Universities, Colleges and Cultural centers in João Pessoa
The official language is Portuguese, and the dialectal differences regarding other Brazilian varieties are mainly phonological (Northeastern accent).
Portuguese is the primary language taught in schools and it is spoken by 100% of the population. English and Spanish are part of the official high school curriculum.

Higher education

The city is home to the Federal University of Paraíba and several other universities and faculties. Below are some of the higher education institutions at João Pessoa:

    * Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB);
    * Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology (IFPB);
    * Paraíba State University (UEPB);
    * João Pessoa University Center (UNIPÊ);
    * Paraíba Institute of Higher Education (IESP);
    * Maurício de Nassau College (FMN);
    * Paraíba Medical Sciences College (FCM);
    * Nova Esperança College of Medicine (FAMENE);
    * Asper College (ASPER);
    * and many others.

Cultural centers

    * Espaco Cultural, one of the largest arts centers in the northeast of Brazil. It features modern architecture and is a major cultural venue for the state. Its architectonic complex includes a live concert plaza, convention facilities, movie theater, play theater, art gallery, planetarium, craft stores, and more.
    * Estacao Ciencia, Cultura e Artes ("Science, Culture and Art Station"), a project by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer at Ponta das Seixas. The center provides a wide range of cultural and educational activities for locals and turists.

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