The Urban Turtles Project in Joao Pessoa

The Urban Turtles Project in Joao Pessoa
If you go to the beach in front of MAG shopping on the Bessa side of João Pessoa, you will see a large sign indicating the start of the preservation area for the protection of the Hawksbill sea turtle.
The area extends to Intermares. In fact, you will see the area marked for turtle nesting by the city boundary tower. The line of concrete turtles marching into the sea is also a giveaway.

The basic idea is to protect the nesting sites of the turtles when the eggs have been laid and to protect the comings and goings of the turtles, old and young. The turtles themselves are checked for Fibropapillomatosis and any other illnesses.

The turtles are released onto the beach at a certain time of the year and you can go to Intermares to watch them.

Contact the following people for more information; contact Rita Mascarenhas rita.mascarenhas@gmail.com9129 7496 (the SOS TURTLES) or speak to the owners of Bar do Surfista, Intermares Beach.

PhD. Rita Mascarenhas
Centro de Ciências Exatas e da Natureza
Departamento de Sistemática e Ecologia
Universidade Federal da Paraíba
Campus I
João Pessoa – Paraíba – Brazil

Associação Guajiru: Ciência – Educação – Meio Ambiente
Avenida Presidente Afonso Pena 1713
Bessa – João Pessoa Paraíba – Brasil
(83) 99780381

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