Going Out in João Pessoa

Going Out in João Pessoa
João Pessoa has a very rich and varied cultural programme which is actively backed by the local council. The wide range of activities includes everything from poetry readings to literary gatherings, art exhibitions and fairs to local handicraft shows.
João Pessoa has several orchestras and choirs. Traditional dancing and music festivals are held throughout the year.

Even pop culture is catered for and the December-January Christmas and NewYear programme is the envy of Brazil. There are pop concerts virtually every weekend.

going-out1The Council is committed to providing support to all of its theatres and exhibition centres. It is actively engaged in promoting, developing and preserving Paraíbas cultural heritage. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Science and Technology Centre, Cabo Branco near the Farol, where a whole range of shows and exhibitions take place.

Special guides are produced to enable everyone to get the best out of the regions festivals and events, these are available from the tourist information offices and many hotels.

Its worth remembering that Brazilians tend to go out later rather than sooner and dress tends to lean towards the casual but smart unless otherwise stated.If you are from the “dont speak till introduced” brigade then you may be in for a hard time as Pessoenses tend to be really friendly and talkative to anyone who even hints at showing an interest.

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