Forrock in João Pessoa

Forrock in João Pessoa
Forrock is a live music venue in João Pessoa, the name “Forrock” is not derived from “for rock” as you might think though it is associated with music, “Forro” to be more precise.
In saying that, many of the nations most famous artists have played there and the list reads like a who’s who of music.

    * Roberto Carlos
    * Skank
    * Paralamas do Sucesso
    * Zezé di Camargo e Luciano
    * Chiclete com Banana
    * Lulu Santos
    * Daniel
    * Asa de Águia
    * Roupa Nova
    * Double You
    * Ray Connnif
    * Sandy e Júnior
    * SPC
    * Limão com Mel
    * Calypso
    * Magníficos
    * Aviões do Forró
    * Leonardo
    * Jota Quest
    * Capital Inicial
    * Bruno e Marrone

Conveniently located on the junction of the BR230 and Av. Pres. Tancredo Neves in João Pessoa, the Forrock building resembles a huge single storey warehouse. Befitting from a concert venue with a capacity of nearly 14,000 people it is the biggest venue in João Pessoa. It has its own 20,000m2 car park. Most of the concert arena, around 10,000m2 is under cover and the central area is for dancing and standing around looking cool. However, there are 35 select areas that are hired out separately to small groups. You can also reserve one of the 500 tables and if you want something to eat you can order a snack or indulge at one of the stalls that line all the adjoining highways leading to Forrock. Be prepared for loud. Generally, it is a very vibrant atmosphere and it will be an experience you will never forget. When it’s all over, plenty of taxis will be waiting to whisk you off to a relaxing beach bar.

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