Entertainment in João Pessoa

Entertainment in João Pessoa
Many people when visiting Brazil look for cities with lots of entertainment and popularity like Rio de Janiero. What many tourists fail to see is the other towns and cities in Brazil that are worthy of exploration.
João Pessoa, Brazil is one of the friendliest cities and is more centered on family oriented fun rather than the heavy nightlife often associated with Rio de Janiero. This does not mean that there is no entertainment available for one looking for a night out on the town as well because there are a handful of bars in the area that serve cold beer and have live entertainment for leisure.

João Pessoa is the third oldest city in Brazil off the Far East surrounded by coastal lines giving it some of the most breathtaking beaches to visit. Because this city has a reputation of being warm and welcoming as well as highly structured around family life, the beaches are often uninhabited by rowdy tourists like other known beaches in South America. This allows for a quiet and relaxing vacation to enjoy without having to worry about watching your belongings every second to make sure they're still there. The city also offers a sense of safety and security that brings ease to the people who visit that is often associated with traveling to foreign countries.

There are plenty of places to check out and things to see in João Pessoa. It holds fascinating history and ancient architecture for amazing sights. Sources of entertainment, hotels, and restaurants are listed below for a quick suggestion of place to check out on your visit to one of the friendliest cities in South America.


There are numerous beaches in João Pessoa including Tambaú, Penha, Tambaba, and Cabo Branco. These easy to access beaches are very close in distance making it easy to travel fom one to the other. Bus and taxi fare is cheap, allowing for cheap and friendly travel without breaking the bank. The city also includes the Covent of Saint Francis of Assis, a popular and historical convent built in 1592 and finally finished in1763. This a popular local and tourist destination that is a beautiful site to check out.

There is also the historic part of João Pessoa called Centro Historico where there are many paths to take to view the many splendid building and history wrapped into this small coastal town. It is the cemter of downtown, full of quaint restaurants and shops waiting to be explored. These unique shops are one of the reasons why João Pessoa is such a friendly city.

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