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Tabatinga Beach

Tabatinga Beach
As you drive down the rough earth road you will come to a 3 storey tiled apartment building; turn right there and drive down to the beach where there is ample parking for at least six (6) cars.
No space? Then at the tiled building go straight on to another parking area for another six cars. You could go to Coquerinho and then walk back, of course. Like a painting, the beach of Tabatinga has touches and mixtures that make it one of the most special beaches in Paraíba.

The diversity of the ecosystem that identifies Tabatinga, joins everything together in one place. It has recently been voted one of the 10 best beaches in Brasil (along with Tambaba and Coquerinho)

There is an incredible mixture of strong waves with gentle, reefs, corals, cliffs, maceiós and fresh water streams. If you walk right to the end of the beach where it touches Coquerinho you will find a perfect place to rest and let the children play. Natural pools form in the rocky outcrops and there is plenty of shade. If you fancy something to eat then go to Coquerinho, fill up and then return to your private beach.

Tabatinga will be deserted; there are several houses overlooking the beach but they may as well not be there. Check our tide chart and go when the tide is going out. You can dip and dive and the rocks will rise out of the water, tempting you to stand on them.
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