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Praia do Seixas Beach

Praia do Seixas Beach
For the true tourist interested in getting the most out of their visit to João Pessoa it would be impossible to miss one of the most important areas of the city, the Farol or lighthouse which is also the most eastern point of the Americas.
It is the closest point of the Americas to Europe and Africa.

You can also catch the earliest sunrise with dozens of other spectators; many will have walked up from the beaches of Cabo Branco and Tambau. The main road is closed from 5.00am to 8.00am for the early morning walkers, runners, cyclists, skate-boarders infact anyone except motorists. Police along the sea front ensue that the rules are not broken and to be truthful I haven’t noticed many infringements. Those who have “misunderstood” the rules are generally persuaded by the Police to turn off at the next exit.

Back up at the Farol, there are several kiosks where you can buy drinks etc. There are toilets too in the big round artesanato kiosk near the Farol. It costs 25c to use and please don’t forget that you are in someones home. You can also purchase souvenirs, handicrafts and jewellery at very reasonable prices.

Parking is in the roadway leading to the Farol and it can get a bit tight. As you walk back to your transport from the farol you will see several paths leading into the bushes. These are not toilet paths ( though still be careful where you tread) as they actually lead down to the beach of Praia do Seixas.

The beach itself is typically picture postcard with its palms and cliffs. However, the little beach bars are less so. Some would say the bars are rustic, others, delapidated and broken down. In some places the sea comes right up to the bar seating areas which some might find romantic. It does serve to wash the area out and remove the rubbish. Waves tend to be on the low side so it is suited to family bathing. Carparks also go as close to the sand as possible allowing family cars with deafening sound systems to compete with each other .

However, it is very popular and gets very crowded at the weekends. The area behind the beach bars is quite built up. There is plenty of parking and it generally tends to be well monitored by the locals. There are several large night club type bars and restaurants too and weekends at night can be very lively. Its not unknown for several coach loads of people to turn up and party through till dawn. Access for coaches and cars is from the main PB008. One drives past the entrance to the Farol and onto the next entrance on the left reached from around a round a bout where there is also a petrol station. A large sign post indicates the beach.
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