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Ponta da Campina Beach

Ponta da Campina Beach
The beach is a shore zone of coarse unconsolidated sediment that extends from the low-water line to the highest reach of storm waves.

   * Praia da Restinga (11.7km)
    * Praia Formosa (12.1km)
    * Praia da Ribeira (14.1km)
    * Praia Ponta de Mato (14.6km)
    * Praia Santa Catarina (16.6km)
    * Praia do Costinha (17.4km)
    * Praia do Fagundes (26.3km)
    * Praia da Gameleira (30km)
    * Praia de Lucena (33km)
    * Centre of João Pessoa (12km)

How to get there:

Access via the BR230 and Intermares.

A beach of fine yellow sands and coconut trees which is also home to the ruins of Nossa Senhora das Navigantes. One of the safer beaches for families and very popular at the weekend.

The timezone in Ponta da Campina is America/Recife

Sunrise at 05:24 and Sunset at 17:34. It's Dark

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