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Picaozinho Beach

Picaozinho Beach
1 km da Praia de Tambaú
How to get there:

By boat from one of the many beaches near by

You will never regret a visit to Picaozinho, one of the most fascinating places on the coast line of João Pessoa. Formed by a reef of marvellous coral, which is exposed at low tide for around 3 hours forming natural swimming pools.

The visitor can swim freely around the coral formations feeding the fish and taking photos. You can even have your photo taken with the fish which take many forms and colours. Picãozinho inspires freedom and offers an opportunity for adults and children to truly integrate with nature and its surroundings.

With natuaraal pools and warm water, this is a favorite of tourists. And also the locations, close to the beach Tambaú. It's a natural pool around 0.5 mile into the sea. Nothing special, but it is nice to swim in a sunny day.

The ride is nice because you're in the midst of the sea water at chest level, water is transparent and occasionally spend a few fish. It turns out that after a while trying to walk among the corals there is more to do there.
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