Jose Lins do Rego Museum

Jose Lins do Rego Museum
Jose Lins do Rego Museum in João Pessoa, Brazil is a historical landmark that attracts many individuals.
João Pessoa is the capital of Paraíba and also home to some very famous Brazilian writers and painters such as Jose Americo de Almeido, Pedro Americo, Augusto dos Anjos and more. Besides being known for its beauty and natural scenery, it’s also a city filled with historical culture. A house that was once lived in by the famous paraibano writer Jose Lins do Rego is located on Avenida Presidente Kennedy.

Today this house is a cultural center with a conference hall, theatre, library art gallery, cinema and planetarium. This is separate from the famous Jose Lins do Rego Museum, which is a cultural and historical site in João Pessoa. This museum is located in Espaco Cultural and is filled with more reading, historical and educational material than you could dream of reading.

You’ll find over 4,000 volumes in this library including honors, letters, photos, manuscripts as well as a lot of personal objects and memorabilia of Rego. This museum is open to the public and a real place of interest for those that have a real interest in the history of Rego as well as of the city itself.
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