Epitacio Pessoa Museum

Epitacio Pessoa Museum
The Epitácio Pessoa Museum in João Pessoa, Brazil is a museum as well as being the crypt of Epitacio Pessoa, the former president.
Located in the Court of Justice, the this museum was started in 1922 and has more than 287,000 items as well as the biggest numismatic collection in all of Latin America. The museum had its start with the Santiago Fort construction, of the places strategically situated for the city of Rio de Janeiro’s defense. The museum was started by President Epitacio Pessoa has regular activities, which start in October.

The activities combine with the Centennial Exhibition and are held in two specific rooms of the Casa do Trem, which is also referred to as the Ammunition Depot. These activities have gone on for 75 years and, under the guardianship of the Ministry of Culture, the Epitacio Pessoa Museum has become one of the largest cultural centers, occupying almost the entire Calaboose Point’s architectural complex, which is where, at one time, the Satiago Fort was located.

It wasn’t until the 1940s that the museum became internationally know and this was after they ran their first official museology course. This was a starting point for other Brazilian museums to be formed. Today the museum library has over 57,000 different titles as well as 50,000 photographs and documents, some which go back as far as the XV century.
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