Cabo Branco Lighthouse

Cabo Branco Lighthouse
The Cabo Branco Lighthouse is located on the cliffs of Cabo Branco, district of the same name, João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil. Situated-approximately 800 meters to the north of Ponta das Seixas, easternmost point of the entire Americas.
It is one of the most important and visited places in João Pessoa. This is the easternmost lighthouse of the entire Americas (North, Central & South America. Concrete triangular tower, with three projections pointed in wing shape 3.5 m above the floor. Headlamp painted white with a horizontal black strip immediately above the wings. The Peter Abraham Dieb's monument project, retired teacher of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB), who died on the day November 26, 2007, João Pessoa.

It was inaugurated in April 1972, the government of Emilio Medici, full military dictatorship. The beacon of "Cape White" has a triangular shape wings,the only in the world. There architects had the intention to represent a plant of sisal, to design the lighthouse. Sisal was one of most lasting economic cycles and profit in the state of Paraiba.

The fortress built in 1586 comprises the captain’s house, a chapel and cannons from the XVI century. It is open for visitors daily, from 8am to 5:30pm and there is staff available for guided visits. Access to the Fortress is made next to the port. It is located at Ponta de Matos beach, municipality of Cabedelo – 25km from João Pessoa.
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