Augusto dos Anjos Memorial

Augusto dos Anjos Memorial
The famous Brazilian poet Augusto dos Anjos was born in 1884 to a wealthy land-owning family which was prominent enough to have servants.
His father taught him to love the written word, teaching him to read from a very early age. He later went on to college to study law, and then entered into a marriage that produced three children for him. Tragically, one of his three children died early in life, which may have played a part in this poet’s tendency to write about dark subjects.

He spent the last years of his short life teaching Portuguese to school children. As a poet, Augusto dos Anjos was innovative in his time, using hard consonants and unmetered lines at a time when other Latin poets did not. This famous poet produced a significant number of works with a somber and almost dark tone. He was known to be sensitive and almost eccentric at times. He published just one book in his lifetime, in 1912, which has been reprinted over 30 times due to its popularity. He died of pneumonia at the very young age of 30.

Today, Augusto dos Anjos is known as one of Brazil’s most famous poets, and his works are considered to be national treasures. The Augusto dos Anjos Memorial was built in his honor after his death in1914. This beautiful memorial has become a favorite attraction of both tourists and locals alike today. Visitors to Brazil wanting to experience a bit of culture and history should visit this memorial.
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