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Paraty is a small and charming old colonial town from 17th century, located 3 hours from Rio in a strategic area between a calm sea bay and the Bocaina Mountain Range. During the colonial period, the Bocaina was a natural barrier between Europe and the gold mines in the interior of Brazil. Due to its strategic position, Paraty was one of the most important ports in the country in that period. The richness form that period can still be observed in the row of beautiful and well preserved colonial buildings, in the center of the city. After the gold cycle declining the city was almost abandoned… Curiously, the heritage left for those people became the new source of development for the region. Now, more and more people go to Paraty to admire the old houses and visit one of the last reserves of untouched Atlantic Rain Forest that are still found at the Bocaina, due to the difficulty to explore the wood in the high picks of the range. Paraty also offers innumerous untouched beaches and small bays with emerald green sea, calm waters and white sand, that are perfect for resting, snorkeling and diving.
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