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Degustar - Smart restaurant with OK food but you pay for it

The decor is very nice and you enter through a wine shop. The wine list is excellent. We found the food rather overpriced.

Posted: 20:29 - March 08, 2012  

Great food!

\I’ve been to Gulliver with a work colleague for a business lunch. The facilities are simple but it has a sophisticated atmosphere. They are famous for the sea food, fish and steaks and on that day I’ve proved the “Gomes de Sá” codfish. The portion is generous and tasteful!

Posted: 20:28 - March 08, 2012  

Very good restaurant!”

Nau Frutos do Mar is very good indeed. Food and environment are so great that you will be back more times than you can imagine. But (there always a "but" in João Pessoa), the service is getting worse every day. Owners, please pay attention to this, the service is far from the first days of Nau. This must be corrected asap!

Posted: 20:28 - March 08, 2012  

Mangai Restaurant - The place to go in order to try typical Delicacies

This is one of a kind restaurant. It starts with the decoration of the place. It is pure non-sense at first glance but when you get to know what each piece means and its place in the local culture it all gets a new perspective. Place serves all sorts of typical food of this region of Brazil. Be aware that some stuff might look really weird but if you put your prejudice aside and give it a try there will be no regrets. They are pretty much all delicious (and heavy...) dishes.

Posted: 20:27 - March 08, 2012  

Coconut seller

You can buy coconuts along the beach.The water (milk) is delicious and you can also eat the inside of the coconut. This coconut seller is next to Tambau Hotel, which is a big hotel with its back inside the water of the sea.

Posted: 20:13 - March 08, 2012  

Enjoy boat tour

You join the small boats to anquer on the reefs offshore , the are loaded with drinks, and when you get to the lowtide pools, everybody jumps into the water, Steps on whatever is there, Enjoying their trip, waching what's left of the reef environment, and after returning to the boat. It is a true everyweekend party, and very amusing!

Posted: 20:10 - March 08, 2012  


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