Ponta do Seixas\'s Beauty Reviews

Forte Velho- A small but beautiful town

Next to Cabedelo Town, there is a small town called Forte Velho. You can go there by car from João Pessoa, but it will take you more than one hour and thirty minutes. You can go there by boat too, or by...bus-boat. It is a real bus , but with no wheels or tyres.

Posted: 20:14 - March 08, 2012  

Saint Francis of Assis

One of great historical treasure in João Pessoa is the convent of Saint Francis of Assis, built in 1592 and finished in 1763. You will see many samples of our beautiful barroc heritage! And the church is located in the old part of the city!

Posted: 20:13 - March 08, 2012  

Tambau- A beautiful beach

Tambau is the liveliest beach area in Joao Pessoa, where you can go the beach during the day and to the baracas (bahamas for example) to dance forro at night. There is also a handicraft market nearby where you can buy hamacs, t-shirts and sample some local food.

Posted: 20:11 - March 08, 2012  

Centro Historico

As mentioned, Joao Pessoa is Brazilian's third-oldest city and has a number of beautiful colonial buildings in the Centro Historico. It is not comparable to nearby Olinda but still worth visiting before going back to the beach (whic is the reason why you came to Joao Pessoa after all)

Posted: 20:09 - March 08, 2012  

Ponta do Seixas - A must-see place

Ponta do Seixas is a little hill that marks the fareastern point of Brazil close to Africa, and down to the hill you can find this lovely beach. Unfortunately I was not prepared to go to the ebach, but I wanted to see local life in this neighborhood and I found out such a paradise!

Posted: 20:08 - March 08, 2012  


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