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Ponta do Seixas\'s Beauty Reviews


Botanic Garden is a beautiful landscape! Good site for those who want to take pictures and take a souvenir.

Posted: 21:14 - March 08, 2012  

Exuberant nature

Arruda Camara Park was renovated and its facilities was much better. Here can be seen many animals and nature is very lush. It is a pleasant walk and tickets cost little. The only drawback is the location as it is close to the center of Joao Pessoa.

Posted: 20:26 - March 08, 2012  

White sand and coconut trees..

Bessa beach stretches for six kilometres between Manaira and Intermares. It is an urban beach with white sand ,coconut trees and rather calm water. Even on the weekends the beach is seldom crowded. There are many bars and restaurants.

Posted: 20:24 - March 08, 2012  

Beautiful old Church

The Nossa Senhora da Guia Church is located in Lucena, Paraiba, about one half hour's drive from Joao Pessoa, the state's capital. It was built around 1591 by Carmelite monks, and they say it has the largest altar made of limestone in all of Brazil.

Posted: 20:24 - March 08, 2012  

Must visit if you're in Joao Pessoa

The Cabo Branco Beach  itsel is wonderful, with a beautiful arc of a beach in front and turquoise waters. There are lots of restaurants in the area and there are also very pleasant beachside kiosks that serve inexpensive and good food.

Posted: 20:23 - March 08, 2012  

Nice for swimming, just it..

Picaozinho Beach's a natural pool around 0.5 mile into the sea. Nothing special, but it is nice to swim in a sunny day.

Posted: 20:22 - March 08, 2012  

Jacare Beach-Beautiful sunset with good music

It's nice to go there and listen to "Mr. Jurandy do Sax" playing the Ravel's Bolero on his saxophone during the sunset. Enjoy a drink and feel the sensation. It worth the visit.

Posted: 20:21 - March 08, 2012  


Camboinha is a beach in the state of Paraiba just outside of the capitol of Joao Pessoa (it's located in the city of Cabedelo)--about 20 kilometers from JP. From there, they have boat excursions to the Areia Vermelha (red sands), which, at low tide, is a beach a few kilometers from the shore. At times you'll have the place to yourself, so stop by if you're in the area!

Posted: 20:21 - March 08, 2012  

Tabatinga Beach-Good Alternative to Recife Beaches

-This is a quiet and unassuming beach community close to the border between Pernambuco (Recife) and Paraiba (João Pessoa). It has a nice undeveloped beach with a "secret" spot for mud baths on a path leading off the beach. Fun for kids. I was surprised to find it has a diverse international community with beach homes there.

Posted: 20:20 - March 08, 2012  

Jacare Beach-a wonderful place to sit

It is a wonderful place to sit at a bar and see the sunset. They play "Ravel's Bolero" everyday here while the sun is setting. It is also a good place for jet skiing or sailing. A Sunday afternoon here is usually lively.

Posted: 20:15 - March 08, 2012  


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