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Saint Anthony Convent

Saint Anthony Convent

The Convent was also outstanding in the field of science. Friar Vicente do Salvador is ..

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

The Cabo Branco Lighthouse is located on the cliffs of Cabo Branco, district of the same ..

Sight-seeing in João Pessoa

Sight-seeing in João Pessoa
The centre of João Pessoa is worth a days stroll for its historical building, a growing number of which are being restored. There are numerous signs indicating the tourist trail:
    * One of nicest churches in all of Brazil, the Igreja do São Francisco, built from 1589 to 1779, is on the north end of the city center. Its mixture of architectural styles is a fascinating reflection of the colonial empires at the time: the walls of the exterior courtyard, done in Portuguese azulejo tiling, are topped by curiously oriental looking lion statues, while the church itself is a mixture of Portuguese, Dutch, and French styles and the dome shows influence from Goa. The ceiling features a 40 meter wide mural, and the interior is inhabited by lots of bats.
    * The Ladeira de São Francisco leads westward and downhill from the church, and affords a magnificent view of the Sanhaua River and surrounding lush tropical forest. Just down the hill is the Casa da Polvora, a small historical museum.
    * Further down is Praça Antenor Navarro, currently the best restored cluster of colonial architecture, with the old Hotel Globo around the corner.
    * Uphill from the railway station is the old main square with its massive former post office, the Teatro Santa Rosa and the Policia Militar headquarters.
    * Pretty much on top of the city is Praça João Pessoa, with its government buildings.
    * Tribunal de Justiça
    * Ponto de Cem réis
    * Estação Ciência
    * Jardim Botânico (Botanic Garden)
    * Ponta do Seixas is the easternmost point in the Americas, at 34°47'38" west longitude and 7°09'28" south latitude. There is a monument to mark the spot, and it has a sweeping view of the Atlantic. Ponta do Seixas is south of Cabo Branco beach, and accessible by city bus.
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