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Saint Anthony Convent

Saint Anthony Convent

The Convent was also outstanding in the field of science. Friar Vicente do Salvador is ..

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

The Cabo Branco Lighthouse is located on the cliffs of Cabo Branco, district of the same ..

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Reasons to visit João Pessoa

Reasons to visit João Pessoa
João Pessoa, the capital of the state of Paraiba, is a city with a 400 year history. At Barroco Park – one of the biggest in Brazil – the old colonial mansions evoke the city's historic past. It also has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Brazilian coastline.
The city of João Pessoa has preserved large areas of natural woodland, open squares and gardens, and has one of the largest proportions of green space per inhabitant in the world. Nearby is the Ponta do Seixas, the most easterly point of South America, which can be seen from the majestic Farol do Cabo Branco (Cabo Branco Lighthouse).

There are many excellent places for boat trips near João Pessoa , like the natural pools of Picãozinho on the island of Areia Vermelha. A tradition not to missed here is watching the unforgettable sunset on the beach Jacaré, to the sound of Ravel’s “Bolero.” There are also buggy rides available to all the beaches within easy reach of João Pessoa, such as Jacuma, Coquerinhos, Tambaba, Tabatinga, Poço, and many more. There are also beaches right by the city, such as Tambaú, Cabo Branco, Manaira, and Bessa. Tambaú beach also boasts the most lively nightlife in the city, with bars, restaurants, clubs, and traditional dancing.

Sample the traditional cuisine of Brazil's north-east in João Pessoa: many restaurants serve salted meat, one of the most famous specialties in Paraíba State.

Regional crafts made with clay and oakum can be purchased on the Mercado de Artesanato Paraibano (Paraibano Craft Market).

Tambau and Cabo Branco are the best beach areas in the town, and boat trips are available to the coral reef, where you can swim with tropical fish.

Natural Pool Formations in Paraiba

Picãozinho is a formation of corals, just off Tambaú beach, which forms natural pools in low tide, making it possible to view a sea of beautifully- coloured fish. Another natural formation that also creates fabulous pools at low tide is on the island of Areia Vermelha. A sandbank about two kilometers long and one kilometer wide make it a perfect place for swimming. Access by boat takes just 15 minutes.
If you travel to João Pessoa in June you should try to combine it with a visit to Campina Grande, where the "festa junina" (traditional forro music festival) takes place.
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