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Saint Anthony Convent

Saint Anthony Convent

The Convent was also outstanding in the field of science. Friar Vicente do Salvador is ..

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

The Cabo Branco Lighthouse is located on the cliffs of Cabo Branco, district of the same ..

Beaches, churches in Joao Pessoa - Paraiba

Beaches, churches in Joao Pessoa - Paraiba
Joao Pessoa is the capital city of Paraiba. It has more than 400 years of history whose European origins began in 1585.

The beaches of the region are sunny the whole time because there is a law that prohibits the construction of high buildings in the coast. Joao Pessoa is plenty of parks and avenues surrounded by ornamental trees. The city also has beautiful beaches, all along 138 kilometres, whose water is warm, their sand is white and they are covered by palms.

A recommendable place to visit in the historic center of the city:

N.S das Neves Church
Church of S. Frei Pedro Gonçalves
Church of São Francisco
Convent of Santo Antonio
N.S do Carmo Church
Theather Santa Roza
Antigo Hotel Globo
House of Polvora
Palace of Redençao
Pedro Americo Square
Antenor Navarro Square
Jose Americo de Almeida House
José Lins do Rego Museum
Cultural Saelpa Museum

Among the most popular beaches, it is possible to mention:

Barra de Mamanguape. This beach is protected by reeves, a reason why it has small waves.
Campina A beach with big waves and fine sand. In some places, there are small dunes. The beach is ideal for surfing.
Do Oiteiro A beach with big waves, fine sand and coconut trees. There is not a developed tourist infrastructure. It is a good place for surfing too.
Bonsucesso This beach has stones and dark waters. There, an interesting place to stopover is Da Igreja N.S do Bonsucesso, the ruins of an ancient port.
Ponta de Matos An urban beach, plenty of reeves and coconut trees. It has dark sand and small waves which are ideal for swimming.
Formosa This beach is protected by reeves. Its big waves are perfect for surfing. The sand is dark.
Areia Dourada In this beach, the sand presents a red tone, there are some coconut trees and the water is calm.
Camboinha A beach with small waves and clear water. A family place, ideal for bathing and some aquatic sports. From this place, some trips depart to The Island of Areia Vermelha.
Do Poco Another beach that is enclosed by reeves. The waves are small, the sea is calm and the sand is fine. From this beach, it is possible to depart to The Island of Areia Vermelha too.
Da Ponta de Campina A beach with fine red sand and calm clear water. A section of the ruins of Da Igreja N.S do Bonsucesso is situated in this zone.
Intermares (Dos Macacos Sea) A beach with big waves and clear sand, ideal for surfing. In this place, marine turtles spawn.
Do Bessa A 6 kilometre urban beach that contains calm water and dark sand. The famous Club of Paraiba is located in this zone.
Manaíra An urban beach with clear sand and small waves.
Tambaú This is a very popular beach. Its waters are calm and its sand is fine. It has an admired roadway and an exciting nocturnal life.
Cabo Branco Also an urban beach with fine sand and calm water. Its roadway and bicycle road are well known.
Do Sol A beach with fine sand and dark water.
Barra do Grámame This beach has calm clear waters. There are some fishermen houses and summer residences.
Areia Vermelha The main characteristic of this beach is the bank of sand where natural pools are formed every 25 days. To arrive there, it is necessary to travel by boat from Camboinhas.
Picaozinho The principal characteristics of this beach are the natural pools that are formed between reeves and corals. This is a recommended place for diving. To get there, it is necessary to travel by boat from Tambaú.
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